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Teroson - Loctite Terotex Record 2000HS Black - 1 Litre
Terotex Record 2000HS Black - 1 LitreTerotex Record 2000 HS Body Repair - Underbody, Underbody Coating

Reproduction of all OEM textures for permanent car underbodies protection.

Your benefit:
Compatible with painted parts and phosphated metal
(KTL) as well as with all OEM coatings (PVC, resins or rubber)
O.E.M. specified

Technical data:
Product Base: Rubber and resin
Volatile Organic Compound Content: ca. 471.2 g/l
Drive-away Time (standard climate): After 2 hrs
Overpaintable (standard climate): Between 12 and 72 hrs
Colour: White / grey / black
Job / Application & Tool: Underbody coating / UBC gun
Pack size: Tin 1 litre